Compilation of meditations and prayers


" For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also ".
Matthew, 6.21

Fauré: Libera me Domine

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- Watch before you, do you see this narrow path? It is there that you must walk. It has been drawn by patriarches, prophets, Christ and his apostles, and it is as right as if it had been pulled to the line. You must follow it.
- But it doesn't make any detour where I would risk to get lost?
- Yes, there are some byroads, but they are large and twisting; they are also situated lower than this one. You will recognize still the good path to what it is right and narrow.

John Bunyan

The only fact that a thing comes to you means that it is personally destined for you.


Ask yourself at all times: "What would our Lord have done?" and do it. It is your only rule, but it is your absolute rule.

Charles of Foucauld

I prostrate, my God, before Your Presence in the Universe that has become ardent and, under features of everything that I will meet, and of everything that will arrive to me, and of everything that I will achieve in this day, I want You and I wait for You.

P. Teilhard of Chardin

It is not necessary to ever remain to the doorstep of one's soul: it is necessary to enter inside, there to descend, there to think, there to meditate, there to work, and there to let ourself work.

Marthe Robin

It is rare that one wants to be bad deliberately, but it is very frequent that one doesn't want to be better.


The life of the Christian is only a constant fight against oneself. Its beauty only appears to the price of the suffering.

Padre Pio

All under God's eyes, all with God, all to be pleasing to God. Let's go my soul, you are going to converse with the good Lord, to work with Him, to walk with Him, to fight and to suffer with Him. You will work, but He will bless your work; you will walk, but He will bless your steps; you will suffer, but He will bless your tears. How it is big, how it is noble, how it is consoling to make everything in the company and under eyes of the good Lord, to think that He sees all, that He counts all! Let's say each morning therefore: " All to please You, oh my God: all my actions with You. "

Saint Vicar of Ars

Grant me to receive in the tranquillity of the heart everything that will bring me this day that begins.
Grant me to deliver me entirely to Your holy will.
Prepare me and sustain me at every hour of this day.
Whatever news I receive, learn me to welcome them with a calm heart, persuaded firmly that they are the expression of Your holy will.
Direct all my words, my actions, reflections and feelings.
That I never forget in the unforeseen circumstances that all is sent to me by You.
Learn me to act with straightforwardness and wisdom, with each of my family's members, without disturbing nor saddening anyone.
Give me the strength to support the tiredness and events of the newborn day.
Direct my will and learn me to pray, to believe, to hope, to support, to forgive and to love.

Prayer of Optima staretses

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