Hope, child! tomorrow! and then tomorrow again!
And then still tomorrow! Let's believe in the future.
Hope! and every time that rises the dawn,
Let's be there to pray God, as to bless!

Our mistakes, poor angels, caused our sufferings.
Maybe that while remaining a very long time on the knees,
When He will have blessed all innocences,
Then all repentances, God will end up with us.

Victor Hugo

Not only the divine Solicitude doesn't repulse the contrite souls, but she leaves in search of more hardened.

Padre Pio

Our mistakes are a grain of sand next to the big mountain of God's mercies.

Saint Vicar of Ars

" Shall assure our hearts before him,
for if our heart condemn us,
God is greater than our heart,
and knoweth all things. "

Jean 1° Epistle 3.19-20

" I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. "

Luke 15.7

God is as swift to grant us our forgiveness, when we ask Him for it, that a mother is swift to withdraw her child of fire.
Our Lord is on the earth like a mother who carries her child on her arms. This child is mean, he gives strokes of feet to her mother, he bites her, he scratches her; but the mother don't even pay attention to it; she knows that if she sets him free, he will fall, he won't be able to walk. Voilą as is Our Lord. He endures all our bad treatments; He supports all our arrogances; He forgives us all our silliness; He has mercy of us in spite of us.

Saint Vicar of Ars

Immaculate, Queen of the sky and the earth, shelter of sinners and Mother very loving to whom God wanted to confide all the order of mercy, here I am to your feet, me poor sinner.
I beg of you, accept all of me as your ownership and your property, act in me according to your will, in my soul and in my body, in all my life, my death and my eternity.

Maximilian Kolbe

Don't despair, keep yourselves of the despair. I will repeat it a thousand times: if you sin every day, make penitence every day... Yes, you will be saved. Because the Lord has for men a big goodness. My hope is not founded on your penitence. Your penitence cannot erase your crimes, it is God's clemency, that Himself immediately joined there, that is measureless, that no word can explain. Your mischief is the one of a man, it is limited, mercy that forgives is the one of God, it doesn't have any boundaries, it is infinite. The man's mischief is to God's goodness what a spark falling in the ocean is to the ocean. No, even less. The ocean has strands, God's Goodness doesn't have any.

Saint John Chrysostome

Satan sows the doubt in the heart of God's children, but by His grace, the just escapes this ascendancy. Listen to this narration:
Before being converted, a saint had committed several crimes. But then, he constantly served the Lord and led a holy life. When he was on his bed of death, Satan offered him the list of his past mistakes and said: There is what you made; you are not worthy to enter to the sky, your room is in hell ". The saint answered: " My Savior won't throw outside the one that comes to Him. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just enough to forgive them and to purify us of all iniquity ". However Satan continued to disturb him. But the saint persevered decidedly in the prayer. And a finger appeared, crossing out the list of sins. The saint became delighted and rented God. But Satan told him: Don't be delighted, you can reach the sky, but your sin will always be visible to all eyes, and you will be ashamed facing all ". The saint prayed again. Then a drop of Christ's blood fell on the page, spilling everywhere, erasing the writing and giving back the immaculate paper. And the saint, full of a divine peace, presented himself in front of his God.

Sundar Singh

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